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Technology consulting is the largest business area of Accenture Australia. As well as an idea generation centre, Technology Consulting is the engine-room of our firm – where the design, development, integration and delivery of new processes and technology are made real.

Our technology consultants have a wide range of backgrounds and professional qualifications, but what they have in common is a passion for technology and innovation. As keen problem solvers, they analyse how clients use processes and systems before developing and delivering a solution that achieves the right results. They could be experts in any number of different areas of technology – from strategy to infrastructure, networks to security – but whatever their skill, they always work at the forefront of innovation, transforming the way business, governments and communities operate around the world.

As an Accenture Technology Consultant, you may work on large-scale programs for clients that merge current business processes using new technology, to make things work quicker, faster and smarter. You will develop skills that marry emerging technologies such as cloud mobility, open source and web 2.0, with problem-solving abilities that you have developed throughout university.

An example: how we helped Marriott

Recently, our technology consulting team helped Marriott implement a web-based platform that improves their overall customer service, and which supports nine websites in seven languages. These new websites are on target to exceed $7 billion in sales in 2011, making one of the top 10 retail websites in the world. Read the full case study here.

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Technology consulting 
Technology consulting
Technology consulting
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