What is the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award?

The Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award aims to identify, foster and recognise leadership potential and innovative thinking amongst aspiring entrepreneurs in Ireland, with the aim of making Ireland’s Future > Present. The Award is designed to nurture and develop innovative ideas or concepts which may positively impact some of the challenges facing Ireland today.

The Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award seeks to develop the next generation of talent that will help in shaping the public, private and social landscape of Ireland in coming years.

The Award is structured as a competition of three rounds where participants:

  • Submit an idea or concept which will be developed through the competition into a viable business plan
  • Explore the central topics of leadership, entrepreneurship and digital innovation
  • Network with likeminded participants
  • Identify and develop attributes in leadership, entrepreneurship and digital innovation through development days, which will include guest speakers and one-to-one mentoring
  • Present their developed idea to a panel of Irish business leaders

The overall winners will receive a trip to one of Accenture’s Digital Innovation Centres, as well as the choice to pursue their business idea or an internship with Accenture.

Winners who choose to explore their business idea will secure a space in the NDRC Launchpad programme, Ireland’s leading digital accelerator platform. They will receive expert mentorship, weekly workshops and more to make their idea their future and become a Leader of Tomorrow.

Alternatively, the winning individual or team can choose a Leadership Internship with Accenture. This 6 month internship is fully paid and is your gateway to a career of Leadership with Accenture. You will be working in the business area aligned with your preferred career, on an accelerated internship where you will be working on real projects with our clients.

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What is the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award? 
What is the Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow Award?
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