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Accenture Careers News in India

 Accenture Careers News in India

As a potential recruit, you may want to find out about the latest news at Accenture - from featured career opportunities to major public announcements and insights into some of the fascinating programs our people are involved in, both inside and outside the company. Or you might just want to hear about the fun and interesting people who could be your new colleagues.

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Latest News

The New Imperative: Creating Value with Speed and Quality
Read our report explaining how key macroeconomic variables such as inflation, the fiscal deficit, the trade deficit and rural consumption will continue to play an important role in shaping India’s growth during 2014.

Data Visualization – A Growing Business Trend
Read Accenture’s research on the reasons businesses will make the presentation of data in a clear, interactive and engaging manner an integral part of their overall data strategy in the coming years.

‘Every Business is a Digital Business’- a technical webinar hosted on
In Accenture’s new Technology Vision, we identify seven trends that will shape digital business for the future.  These trends were discussed during our Techgig-hosted webinar on how we continue to deliver innovative digital solutions to our clients. To watch the video, click here. If you aren’t already a member of Techgig, register to follow the Accenture page and attend future webinars live.  

Helping Our Customers Help Their Customers
Accenture BPO Business Advisor Swati Gupta tells us how she uses her deep acumen in analytics to help our clients improve their customer service.

Rethinking Business with Digital
This paper from Accenture focuses on key trends in digital that are changing the conventional ways businesses have served and interacted with their customers. Read more here, and click here to learn about Accenture careers in Digital.

The Professional Becomes the Personal Life
Divya Parambath, an Accenture performance, risk and quality manager explains how Accenture helped her excel in her professional and personal life, and why the company is like an extended family to her.

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Accenture Careers News in India 
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