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Accenture employees have a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We thrive on that variety and make the most of their experiences, giving them unparalleled opportunities to develop specialized skills and advance their careers.

We do this by aligning each of our employees to a talent segment.

Talent segments are groupings of similar skills and types of work. Your current skills and our business demand will determine which talent segment you are in. You’ll also have an associated role, which will provide greater detail on your specific responsibilities and skills requirements. Together, your talent segment and role provide a framework to identify additional training, future staffing or transition opportunities and mentors and colleagues—all of which align with the career you’re building.

Learn more about our various talent segments and how they can help propel your career.

Talent Segments
What our professionals do
Account Leadership
As trusted advisors, we use our expertise to solve our clients' critical business needs. Bring together the right team to drive sales growth, expand Accenture's footprint and ensure profitable delivery.
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Create new insights from predictive statistical modeling activities that target and deliver value to our clients.
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Business & Systems Integration
Analyze, design and/or develop best practice business changes through technology solutions.
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Business Process Advisory
Leverage our deep industry and domain knowledge and/or analytics skills to help clients enhance revenue, reduce operating costs and improve working capital and customer acquisitions.
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Business Process Delivery
Execute repeatable core business processes and/or technical transactions with a focus on efficiency, first-time quality and overall continuous process improvement.
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Business Process Specialization
Apply expertise in specific business process delivery capabilities to ensure services are consistent with our Standard Delivery Solutions and Service Level Agreements and are continuously improving.
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Creative professionals envision, research, design and manage marketing, commerce and servicing experiences across touchpoints.
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Engineering Services
Engineering Services professionals advise on, design and build structures, machines, devices, systems and processes for our clients, and possess the necessary engineering credentials.
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Prepare and interpret financial plans and reports, in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. May shape and execute deals to maximize our resources and/or liaise with the investor community.
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Human Resources
Develop and execute HR strategies, programs and services to attract, develop and retain a highly engaged and differentiated workforce able to execute our human capital and business strategies.
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Industry Solutions & Services
Play a wide variety of roles related to delivery and sales, maintaining and growing industry as their center of gravity.
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Analyze, design and/or build infrastructure solutions.
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IT Operations
Support infrastructure operations and/or manage delivery for IT production systems and services based on operational requirements and service agreements.
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Legal & Commercial Services
Deliver and coordinate legal, contract and commercial advice and counsel to Accenture or our clients, working to manage risk and ensure ethical behavior and compliance with laws and company policies.
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Marketing & Communications
Build a powerful and differentiated global brand that supports the Accenture strategy; enhances long-term client relationships; inspires employees and candidates; and drives profitable revenue growth.
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Operational Value Realization
Develop material business cases focused on targeting and delivering significant value, and drive value-led transformations for clients.
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Performance, Risk & Quality
Ensure high performance is delivered for Accenture and our clients through performance optimization and continuous improvement, quality and risk management.
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Portfolio & Delivery Leadership
Plan and execute project(s) or program(s) for Accenture or our clients, mobilize appropriate resources and ensure programs/projects/portfolios meet operational, contractual and economic commitments.
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Process Excellence & Change Enablement
Transform change through process and change interventions that integrate strategy, technology and people to drive value for clients.
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Product, Service & Offering Development
Innovate and deliver market-leading software, products, offerings, and/or assets for Accenture and our clients using expertise in business case creation, competitive analysis and win strategies.
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Program, Project & Service Management
Use standard delivery tools and methods from the Accenture Delivery Suite to plan, monitor and control delivery for high-quality and predictable outcomes for programs, projects and/or managed services.
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Program Specialist Services
Provide project-based support services within centers. Support the delivery and execution of our key projects with specialized services.
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Apply deep research and analysis expertise to enable Accenture and our clients to have a global impact through identification, development and implementation of proprietary and innovative ideas.
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Dedicated to growing a profitable pipeline and/or backlog of sales, through deal origination, sales negotiations and closure. They own the sales process and outcomes.
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Sales Enablement
Dedicated to supporting sales through deal origination, sales negotiations and closure, and/or driving and managing programs to improve sales performance, efficiencies and outcomes.
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Possess deep security skills and apply those skills to design, build and protect enterprise systems, applications, data, assets and people for Accenture and our clients.
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Software Engineering
Work across the Service Delivery Lifecycle to analyze, design, build, test, implement and/or maintain multiple system components or applications for Accenture or our clients.
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Solution Architecture
Translate client requirements into solutions that will create value for Accenture and our clients.
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Possess deep strategy skills and understand our clients' industry and options in the context of global, economic, technology and social trends. Help them make bold decisions on priority C-Suite issues.
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Technology Architecture
Sell, assess, define, implement and/or support world-class information technology architectures, for Accenture or our clients, spanning simple IT projects to enterprise-level change programs.
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Workplace Management & Solutions
Provide space and service solutions for all Accenture people and businesses globally, running our workplace as a robust business function leveraging our business and technology strategies.
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