Launch your career at Accenture

Studying is nearly done. University is coming to an end.

It’s time to start looking at launching your career. Accenture offers careers in a diverse range of different fields. In fact, whatever your degree, there will be a career here to match. We work with clients in just about every industry, providing solutions to challenges. Whether it's working with clients in the financial services sector, helping a global mining company in resources or providing digital advice for a client in the technology sector, everything we do is focused on improving performance and maximising opportunity.

That means there’s room to move. Room to grow and to develop your career - working with talented people, on projects that are, quite literally, changing the way business is done.

Applications for our Graduate Careers, Accenture Adventure 2015 and Accenture Digital Challenge for Digital Internship open again early September 2014.

Join our Talent Community and we will contact you as soon as we launch in September.

Things just work better

Accenture does one thing, and does it very well. Accenture improves how clients work.

It's a simple idea, but comes with a wide scope of opportunity. In fact, 'wide' doesn't do it justice. There's an almost unlimited range of work to be done, on some of the world's biggest and best-known brands.

Every organisation wants to improve, to grow and to make the most of what's in front of them. Accenture helps them do just that.

Why Accenture?

Accenture will launch your career further and faster than anywhere else. The work you will do here is always innovative, always pushing boundaries and always challenging.

There's no limit to the technical or business solutions you will conceive, the clients you will work with, or the type of work that you can take on.

This means endless opportunities for you to develop and to expand your skills and knowledge. Regardless of where you work within our business, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with some incredible clients, alongside some very talented people. You will learn a great deal, and have the opportunity to deliver results you're proud of.

As part of our team, we will do everything we can to help you build your knowledge, apply your skills and ensure you become greater than you'd ever thought possible.


Change your career, without changing your company

At Accenture you'll get variety. Variety of projects, personalities and places. For your career, that's critical. If you don’t have that exposure and gain those experiences, your career won't take off the way you want it to.

The sheer scale and diversity of our projects mean that you are exposed to a working environment that can't help but make your career work better for you.

It also means that—from day one—you'll roll your sleeves up and get involved in work that really matters.

You'll also see that there are opportunities for movement within the company. Take advantage of Accenture's size. Try different things and really change your professional outlook.

What type of work do we do?

What do our graduates think of their project experiences?

Watch their stories to find out what some of our recent graduates gained from being involved in exciting project work — and how it helped them become greater than their degrees.

Where will I fit in?

Accenture employees have a wide range of skills and backgrounds, and one thing we all have in common is our focus on delivering to our clients. Accenture thrives on that variety and makes the most of our experiences, while giving Accenture employees unparalleled opportunities to develop specialised skills and advance their careers. However you choose to develop your career at Accenture, you will work with clients in at least one of the following industries:

Media & Technology

Electronics and High-Tech

Financial Services

Capital Markets


Consumer Goods
Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
Industrial Equipment
Travel Services


Natural Resources

Health & Public Service

Defense & Public Safety
Human Services
Public Services & Management

Whether you are working cross-industry or are focused on a specific industry, a career at Accenture will enable you to:

  • Grow your skills and scale of responsibility
  • Do deep and meaningful work earlier in your career.
  • Be part of a vibrant and active community of experts as well as an extended community of consultants.
  • Be market relevant — the world in which we live is changing at such a rapid speed our clients need industry-specialised consultants and solutions experts who can help them navigate that change.

The unique way that our teams work together enables us to meet client expectations and our business objectives while providing excellent career opportunities for our people. The high degree of specialisation within and across business functions, industry sectors and technologies enhances our efficiency and helps us respond more quickly to our clients.

Our Career Model

Just as important, our structure and career model will support your career development, allowing you to build deep, marketable skills and gain valuable experience.

Our career model provides our people with clarity and flexibility as they develop their careers by providing tools to:

  • Understand the skills, proficiencies and experience they need to excel and grow;
  • Become more specialised in what they do or aspire to do through targeted learning;
  • Seek their next career opportunity through an internal careers marketplace that makes it easier to change jobs within the company; and
  • Pursue varied career paths at a pace that aligns with their personal preferences and situations.

Life at Accenture.

We want you to achieve great things, and we’ll give you every opportunity to do just that.

When you work with us, you’ll be exposed to a huge range of diverse projects that require you to use your ingenuity, intelligence and ability to solve problems.

We offer access to a genuine global network.

As a truly international business, we are able to tap into an extensive network of talent and experience. This means you will be continually exposed to the brightest minds, and to world-class thinking.

We offer end-to-end solutions that span the full project lifecycle.

Unlike many other consulting companies, we don’t just offer a single piece of the puzzle. Instead, we work with clients from the very outset to scope and design their solutions; we then create, implement and manage those solutions well into the future. This makes our work very rewarding — and provides you with the ability to gain incredible insights into how other businesses operate.

We’ll help you develop.

Whether it’s an average of 80 hours of training a year, the dedicated career counsellor we assign to every individual or access to some 20,000 online courses — we do all we can to help you learn and grow.

We’ll help you to be you.

Each one of us — and we have more than 281,000 across 120 countries — is here because we have something to bring to the business. This combination of backgrounds, experiences and skills is very powerful. It means that you’ll be part of a very supportive, enthusiastic team that encourages you to grow and expand your skills.

What do our grads have to say?

To find out what life is really like at Accenture, why not meet some recent grads and hear their experiences, first hand? Watch their video stories here

Going hard doesn't have to be hard going.

Our values

In everything that we do, we try to follow certain core values. These are:

One global network — Mobilising the power of international teamwork to deliver consistently exceptional service to our clients all over the world
Client value creation — Improving our clients’ business performance, creating long-term, mutually rewarding relationships and focusing on excellence in execution
Integrity — Inspiring trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically and encouraging honest and open debate
Stewardship — Building a heritage for future generations, acting with an owner mentality, developing people everywhere we are, and meeting our commitments to all internal and external stakeholders.
Best people — Attracting and developing the best talent for our business, stretching our people and employing a ‘can do’ attitude
Respect for the individual — Valuing diversity and unique contributions, fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects Accenture’s values

We have a unique way of doing things - it’s called the Accenture Way. It is how we collaborate, innovate, operate and help our clients become high-performance businesses and governments. At the heart of the Accenture Way are our core values. They define who we are and serve as the foundation of how we work.

Our culture is collaborative, supportive and challenging. We help our people achieve the best results they possibly can by encouraging them to work together to solve problems. Ask any Accenture employee and they will tell you the best part of working for Accenture is the people they work with.

Amazing results come from amazing people

At Accenture, we believe that making things better starts and ends with our people. Brilliant solutions come from the knowledge, creativity and passion that our people have for solving our clients' business and technology problems.

  • Elise Elise
  • Michael Michael
  • Hamdam Hamdam
  • Kellie Kellie
  • Yvonne Yvonne
  • Tim Tim
  • Catherine Catherine
  • Jordan Jordan

Growing up in Newcastle, Elise always dreamed of moving to a big city and forging a successful career. Courageously, she decided to move to Melbourne, alone, as soon as she finished her degree. It was Accenture's graduate application process that initially attracted Elise. She says that while many other firms asked fairly bland, academic questions, Accenture's process focused more on her personality - with questions such as whether she could see herself working as part of a team.

Fortunately, just a few weeks before making the big move to Melbourne, Elise discovered her application was successful. She hasn't looked back.

Almost a year on, Elise has learnt an enormous amount, and had countless opportunities to become greater than her degree. She loves her job as an Analyst, where she is responsible for listening to clients' needs and translating these to internal IT teams, who devise appropriate technical solutions. She finds the work very interesting, and loves having the opportunity to work for a huge variety of clients, from very diverse industries.

Elise says she has also benefited greatly from the training that Accenture provides. "There are a wide range of online courses that you can sign up for to develop your skills. There are also other job-specific courses that you can sign up for if you are interested," she says.

Being new to a big city, Accenture has also provided a very important social lifeline for Elise, and she says that the culture really fits her. "You are expected to work hard and get the job delivered - but you also have a huge amount of support from your peers and access to events that allow you to build your social networking skills," she says.


A self-confessed soccer fanatic, Michael plays at least four times a week - and says Accenture's respect for work-life balance is very important to him. "That's a great thing about Accenture: they provide flexible work arrangements that allow me to leave early to attend training," he says.

Initially, Michael completed a six-month internship with Accenture and, after finishing his degree, applied for a full-time permanent graduate position. He has since been promoted to Consultant, and his latest project involves helping a telecommunications client implement new financial and procurement software.

On a day-to-day basis, Michael works with key Accenture stakeholders and the client to ensure that the necessary change is occurring within their business, and that a project is being implemented successfully. He says that while the work can be challenging, and is often completed under tight deadlines, it's also very interesting and rewarding.

Michael says he chose Accenture because of the opportunities the firm offers - both in terms of building a long-term career, and for traveling and working abroad.

Already, Michael has travelled to America for two weeks of training. "This training is extremely beneficial as you get to meet a lot of people from around the globe, and it expands your perspective on things and how other cultures work," he says.

Michael also loves Accenture's global culture and connectedness. "I've had the chance to work with people in the US, and also offshore in India. This gives you the opportunity to understand different working styles and learn from the best people from Australia and around the globe," he says.


When Hamdam was growing up, her idea of the perfect career was forever changing. She wanted to be an architect, a doctor, and then a radiologist. She even started studying Biomedical Science before switching to Business Information Systems after 12 months.

Today, she's a Business Analyst with Accenture, and says that an initial six-month internship with the company cemented the fact that Consulting was what she wanted to do.

In many ways, Hamdam's diverse childhood career ambitions make her a great fit for the Accenture team -the work she does and the clients she works with are incredibly varied.

While her degree has been valuable, she says that there's an incredible amount of exciting, on-the-job learning at Accenture.

"The graduate program offers great opportunities to develop key skills for your career, as well as excellent training opportunities... It is an excellent graduate program to be involved in."

Managing Director

Kellie has been with Accenture for 18 years. Starting out as a graduate, she is now the SAP Practice Lead for Australia. This means she is responsible for managing over 350 people and overseeing all of Accenture's SAP activity, Australia wide.

Kellie studied Electrical Engineering at university, during which she completed a vacation student program with Accenture. While the program didn't strictly relate to her degree, she really loved the experience of being a consultant. Deciding to follow her heart, she applied to join as a graduate once she'd finished her degree, and has never looked back.

She has worked within the SAP division for her entire time at Accenture. Thanks to her own ambition--and quality mentoring, training and support--she has gone from being a programmer to an area supervisor, to a team leader, to a project manager, and is now a senior executive.

Kellie says she loves the opportunity, people and interesting work that Accenture offers. "People are given more opportunities to grow and stretch themselves at Accenture than in many other companies," she says. "I get the chance to be part of a bright, smart, hard-working, friendly team, and to get to the heart of so many businesses. The work we do is incredibly diverse. I get to change jobs every six to 18 months, but stay within the same company - which is just fantastic."

Just after Kelly made Senior Executive, she took a year off for maternity leave, and then came back to work on a part-time basis. She says that Accenture has been really supportive and flexible in allowing her to be a working mum.

"If a graduate is about to leave university and really wants to be challenged, to do interesting work, and be given the opportunity to advance their career, then they should jump on and enjoy the ride."


Few people can boast a childhood as interesting as Yvonne's. Born in Hong Kong, she has lived in Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and now Australia. This diverse background has given Yvonne an innate passion for travel and for exploring new places - an important consideration when she chose Accenture as a graduate.

"I don't think I could stay in the same place for too long, and Accenture gives me that option," she says.

Since being with the company, Yvonne has already travelled to Malaysia for training and speaks very highly of the experience. "Accenture has a fantastic reputation for developing talent. Its well-known global presence creates many opportunities worldwide, and the chance to meet and work with different cultures."

From a young age, Yvonne enjoyed mathematics and was "good at numbers". In high school, she started a small retail business, and at uni excelled in empirical studies, which involves supporting a theory through numbers and quantitative research.

This skill is certainly something she has been able to put into practice at Accenture. Recently she worked on a project for an Australian-based global mining company, streamlining their current loans and cash management structure.

"Accenture is fantastic. And for new graduates it's a great place to learn," says Yvonne. "Not many other companies foster this type of learning environment."


A few years ago, while busily completing his Bachelor of Business Information Systems, Tim formed a university dance group with some friends. After seeking funding from sponsors, his group went on to give some very successful performances to both students and faculty.

This entrepreneurial spirit is certainly something Tim has brought with him to Accenture. He says that to succeed in his role, it's important to have a combination of "soft skills" - like communication, presentation, time management and problem solving skills - as well as technical skills, like the ability to understand specific technology and business needs.

Tim now works in systems integration. He and his team use IT to help solve clients' business problems. "I'm responsible for gathering and understanding clients' requirements, and preparing solution designs that meet these," he says. "I also work with off-shore build, testing and deployment teams, to ensure we successfully deliver solutions to our clients."

When growing up, Tim always wanted to be a pilot. Today, his love of flying hasn't changed, and he is thrilled that Accenture provides him with extensive travel opportunities. Despite being with Accenture for less than 12 months, he has already travelled to Malaysia and India.

Tim says that Accenture has a strong reputation in developing people and that, with considerable training and support, he has been given opportunities to feel ownership for the projects he's working on.

"Accenture is a very exciting place to start," says Tim. "It is challenging and also provides a fantastic learning opportunity."

Senior Manager

As a mother of three young children, Catherine has taken breaks at various intervals during 15 years with Accenture. These days, Catherine is a senior manager pursuing her management consulting career in customer relationship management (CRM), working with clients from the utilities, communications, financial services, health and public service industries. The flexible work arrangements offered by Accenture enable Catherine to work part time, allowing her to become involved in new and ground breaking technology projects such as cloud computing whilst she broadens her client experiences. At the same time, Accenture continues to support Catherine in her efforts towards achieving her career goals.

Managing Director

After starting at Accenture as a graduate 14 years ago, Jordan now leads Accenture's Finance and Enterprise Performance team and manages close to 50 people.

On a daily basis, he works very closely with several of Accenture's key clients - helping them change and improve their overall operations. He is also responsible for motivating his team, ensuring everyone has the information and skills they need, and facilitating different points of view.

As a graduate, Jordan chose Accenture because it is a global company - and after completing his engineering and commerce degree, it was very important to him that his job was engaging.

"The type of work we do is extremely challenging and changes regularly and you couldn't do it without working with smart, intelligent people," he says.

Jordan also says his ability to remain calm under pressure has helped him get where he is today. "You need to prioritise and draw boundaries so you're addressing the things that are the most needed - and keeping the stress levels in check."

In his time at Accenture, Jordan has been given a lot of opportunities to work overseas, to lead and manage people, and work with very senior client executives. "If I was anywhere else, I might not have had those opportunities," he says.

"If you're looking to be challenged, work across large and important clients, and work with great people, then Accenture is the place to be."

Everything works better with Accenture — including your career

Accenture is about realising your dream. It’s about making sure your career gets the start it needs. When you join the Accenture team, you instantly gain access to a whole world of training, mentoring, and on-the-job learning.

You will have continuous opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge. Regardless of where you work within our business, you’ll have the chance to work on game-changing projects alongside very smart, talented people. You won’t stop learning, and you’ll have everything you need to deliver results that you are proud of.

In particular, you will benefit from:

  • An impressive variety in career paths and directions. We do all that we can to help you explore your abilities and interests, and pursue the career path that’s completely right for you - whatever that may be!

  • A focus on developing each individual. We invest enormously in all our people. As a graduate, you have access to on-the-job training, mentoring, and project-based training where relevant. This means you can continually grow and expand your skills and abilities so you can become greater than your degree.

  • A wide variety of opportunity. As a business, we offer far more than you may realize. As well as having strategy at the heart of everything we do, we also deliver real outcomes on that strategy. We implement solutions, and grow these into the future, to ensure they always deliver the results our clients are looking for.

  • Constant stream of projects with the world’s largest clients. There’s never a dull moment at Accenture. You’ll have the chance to work on some very influential projects across a huge range of industries — from mining to telecommunications, or entertainment to financial services. It’s like having countless career changes, without ever leaving the company.

  • The chance to build deep, specialised and very marketable skills. Here, you will grow your skills and scale of responsibility quicker than anywhere else. That means you’ll get to do meaningful work much earlier in your career, and be able to expertly navigate a business world that is changing faster now than it ever has before.

  • A friendly, supported, talented and diverse team. Ask any of our employees what they love about Accenture, and most will tell you how much they respect and value the people they work with. We have a very supportive, positive culture where diversity and ambition are welcomed. We work very well as a team, and everyone - no matter how long they have been with the company — is encouraged to present their unique ideas and help make a difference.

As part of our team, we will do everything we can to help you build your knowledge, apply your skills, and ensure you become greater than you ever thought possible. We’ll help you to be you.


Learn. Grow. Develop.

We can’t improve your career without investing in it. Globally, we spend over $600 million in training and development every year. Overall this means you get access to:

Accenture Accelerate

Accelerate is a pre-joiner graduate development program that provides valuable tools to Accenture graduates to help them accelerate their career success. Networking and training opportunities connect 2015 graduates with existing Accenture employees, who share their experiences. The aim of the program is to kick-start a successful career through hearing stories of success and includes some significant learning opportunities — all made relevant through storytelling by current employees.

New Joiner Orientation Program

You get help the moment you become part of our team — through our New Joiner Orientation Program. This introduces you to our global network and gives you a great overview of our business and what it’s like to work here.

Classroom-based Courses

Over time, as your skills and knowledge expand, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend classroom-based courses. This means we give you time out of your working week to visit our regional centres so you can focus on learning and fine-tuning your capabilities.

Online Learning

We also give you access to two great online resources. The first is MyLearning — our innovative global learning portal. Here, you’ll find over 20,000 virtual classroom courses and other learning resources. The second is the Accenture Knowledge Exchange, a global ‘encyclopedia’ that will help you research concepts and develop best-practice solutions.

Career Counselling

The help you need, every step of the way

In all levels of our business, we encourage and reward initiative. We expect you to take charge and grow your own career. We want you to determine where you want to go - and then take the steps you need to get there.

However, at no stage will you be left on your own. You’ll also have access to a career counsellor, who will guide you, check your progress, and help you achieve your goals.

Plus, you’ll receive formal annual reviews in which your performance is appraised and reward and promotion recommendations are made.

Our career counsellors play an important role in the experience of Accenture people. Few companies assign each employee a designated, more experienced person who provides career coaching and guidance to help them manage their careers and develop professionally.

Accenture career counsellors are empowered to make a real difference in the careers of our people-and our business results.


As a big Australian employer, we know we have a big responsibility to the local communities in which we live and work.

We pride ourselves on our approach, and on being a good corporate citizen. We are actively working to make a difference to communities all over the world — a dedication that resulted in Accenture featuring in the Top 100 sustainable global companies list, debuting at number 42 in 2013.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship is rooted in our core values and reflected in the actions of our people. Through giving, partnerships, volunteering, mentorships and pro bono work, we help communities build sustainable livelihoods and improve processes at not-for-profit organisations.

We are dedicated to good corporate citizenship in the following ways:

  • Skills to Succeed program — Through this program, we help disadvantaged people develop skills so they can get jobs, build businesses and improve their communities.

  • Environmental stewardship — We are committed to understanding and addressing environmental impacts — including carbon, waste and water — resulting from our operations, and to fostering environmental responsibility among our stakeholders.

  • Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) — ADP is a not-for-profit group that makes high-quality consulting services available — at greatly reduced costs — to organisations working with developing economies. Its mission is to have significant impact on global development challenges.

  • Paid volunteer day — Each person is granted one paid volunteering leave day per fiscal year to participate in company-sponsored or personal charity activities.

  • Employee Donations Matching — Accenture Australia will match any employee-raised donation to a registered charity up to the value of $2,500.

  • Accent on giving program — With Accenture Australia’s workplace charity donation program, you choose the amount you wish to donate each month from your pre-tax pay and Accenture matches either 100% or 50% of every dollar donated through the program (up to $50,000 p.a.).


Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.

Accenture Australia is a high performance organisation. It’s what our clients have come to expect from us and, in turn, what we expect from our people.

Meeting those expectations requires innovation. Innovation will streamline processes and spark new methodologies. It will help us make things work better. But that all takes new ideas. It means challenging the status quo and looking for ways to do things better. That comes from a diversity of thought, which ultimately comes from a diversity of people. It’s this policy that has been the catalyst for the number of Accenture females reaching 100,000 globally.

And so, ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ isn’t a policy at Accenture. It’s not a box that gets ticked. It’s just the way we do business. Without it, we’ll slow down, and that’s something we just can’t allow to happen.

A little recognition goes a long way.

We are very proud of our awards this year alone:

Ranked #1 LGBTI employer for 2013 the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI)

Top 10 ranking for Diversity in 2013’s DiversityInc report

Some of our programs include:

  • International Women’s Day — celebrated in the five Accenture Australia office locations with an off- site event for all women that incorporates networking, skill building and guest speakers

  • Accent On Parents Program — a comprehensive parenting program that provides a variety of tools to help parents balance their career with family life

  • Flexibility (Flexible Work Arrangements Policy) — options in work scheduling and location; option to take additional four weeks unpaid leave per year

  • Indigenous Work Experience Program — raising awareness of cultural inclusion and diversity and giving people an opportunity to inspire or shape the future of indigenous students

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Network — a unique global and local program promoting inclusivity

  • Globe Smart Tool — an online resource that provides information about conducting business effectively with people around the world


A big career with big benefits

At Accenture, we expect a lot from our people. We expect you to work hard. To be creative. To use your talent and knowledge to drive world-class solutions. To have an enquiring mind, and a passion for making things better.

In return we provide a whole range of fantastic benefits and rewards:

  • Competitive salary package

  • Paid parental and sick leave

  • Corporate credit card

  • Graduation leave

  • Life and salary continuance insurance

  • Corporate discount program

  • Paid annual volunteer day

  • Employee Share Purchase Plan — buy shares at a discount

  • Employee Referral Program — where you may receive up to $5,000 for successful referrals

  • Employee Assistance Program — a confidential, 24 — hour counseling program for personal or work-related issues

  • Discounted gym membership

  • A personal laptop (consulting workforce)

  • Quarterly community events

  • Flexible hours and telecommuting

Career Path

Where can a career at Accenture take you?

The simple answer here is, quite literally, anywhere. Accenture people work all over the world, on assignments ranging from important to mission critical. It all depends on you. Accenture has the size and scope to offer you career development opportunities like nowhere else. You’ll learn by doing, alongside the very best people, on projects that push the boundaries every day.

It’s a career path designed to improve the way things work — not just for our clients, but for you, too.

Events: Meet Accenture

We are currently updating our event dates for careers fairs and on campus events through August and September.

To keep informed of when we will be visiting a campus near you, please register on our Talent Community or connect to our Facebook page.

Register on our Talent Community

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @Accenture_Aust for all the latest news and events.


Applications open for Accenture Adventure and the Accenture Digital Revolution Internship Challenge in September 2014. Register on our Talent Community to get email updates on when submissions open.

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To learn more about our different Graduate and Internship programs, click the sections below.

Accenture Digital Revolution Internship Challenge

Interested in a career with Accenture Digital? Be part of the Digital Revolution Challenge.

Accenture Digital is on the front lines of the digital revolution, driving game changing transformation in how the world lives, works, plays and governs. Accenture Digital is also where many of the brightest and best digital talent grow their careers.

Share your innovative ideas to win a chance to take part in a paid summer internship* working alongside our digital experts on real client projects.

Competition opens September 2014. Get updates by joining our Talent Community.

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*Terms and conditions of entry and paid internship apply.

Accenture Adventure

Accenture Adventure is a dynamic experience where you will meet high-achieving people and have the ability to showcase your innovative thinking, can-do attitude, team spirit and leadership skills. Spend the day in a city near you working with Accenture Managers and Senior Manager solving real business challenges, with successful participants being offered a role within Accenture’s 2016 Graduate Program.

Applications open September 2014. Get updates by joining our Talent Community.

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What do we look for in our grads?

You're bright. Think outside the square. Don't mind working hard. Love solving problems. And you're just about to finish your university degree.

We look for people who are industrious, can challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and conceive and implement practical, value-adding solutions for our clients.

We want people who bring intellect to everything they do, people who have the potential to develop into business or government leaders, and who will be credible in the boardrooms and at other executive levels of the world's biggest companies and public sector institutions.

To qualify for a graduate position at Accenture you must be:

  • Currently completing or have completed your undergraduate degree in the last two years with a GPA 70, credit or above.
  • An Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident at the time of submitting your application.
  • Able to meet travel requirements, when applicable.

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How our selection process works

We have a consistent selection process that we use for all our graduate applications. As well as learning more about you and your skills, we also want to give you the information that you need to determine whether or not Accenture is right for you.

Step 1: Submit an application form

Firstly, we ask all our graduates to fill in an online application form, and submit a resume and academic transcript. Once we've received your application, we'll get back to you within a few weeks.

Step 2: Online Assessment

The next step will be an online assessment. This is a personality assessment that will provide us a lot of detail about you and your suitability for Accenture. You will receive an email with a link to the assessment, and detailed instructions on how to access and complete the assessment. Please complete the assessment within 3 days. No preparation is needed for this, and it will take about 30 minutes.

Step 3: Meet us over the phone

If you have met our minimum criteria, a member of our graduate recruitment team will contact you for a short telephone interview. This is your chance to ask us questions and increase your knowledge of the role you are being considered for.

Step 4: Business interview

You will meet a senior member of the Accenture business who will assess your interest, knowledge and suitability for a graduate role at Accenture. We encourage you to draw upon your wide range of experiences through your studies, employment and extra-curricular involvement.

Step 5: Business case study

Some roles within Accenture require a case study to assess your ability to work through a client problem while under time pressure. Your recruiter will alert you if this is part of your assessment process.

Step 6: Closing interview

The final interview stage involves meeting with a Managing Director from our business. The purpose of this interview is to determine your overall fit to the role and a particular area of the business. This interview will last for approximately an hour and is your chance to impress.

Step 7: Offer

You will receive your offer verbally from one of the graduate recruitment team and then in writing via email. You will have up to one week to ask questions, review details and accept the position.

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Try us out

An Internship is a fantastic introduction to life here at Accenture.

It offers you the chance to work on a real project, meet some great people, and broaden your skills and knowledge in a short period of time. If you enjoy your internship, you can apply for our graduate program on the condition that you successfully graduate from university.

Who can apply?

We look for top performing students in the penultimate or final year of university - typically, students with knowledge of engineering, commerce or business, computer science and information systems. You must also be an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia

How long does an internship last?

Usually it lasts for six months and is a full-time commitment.

What is involved?

You will work as part of a real project team and will gain exposure to skills such as process re-engineering, technology, system implementation and organisational change. You will also undergo an orientation course and on-project learning before you start any project work to help you get a true understanding of what it’s like to be an Accenture consultant.

When does it start?

Internships are offered twice a year from January to June and July to December.

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Meet our Graduate Recruitment Team

Daniel Mullender, Graduate Recruitment Lead

I am the Graduate Recruitment Lead for Australia which means I manage the team attracting the best and brightest graduates for roles across Australia/New Zealand. A typical day will see me attending calls with my colleagues across the globe or meeting with the local resourcing team to understand the changing demands in different parts of the business. I work closely with the graduate team to understand each location and how we can attract the best high performing graduates. I love the diversity and fast pace of Accenture and can honestly say I feel challenged every day to improve how things work.

+613 8662 9249 or

Louise Klupacs, Graduate Recruitment — Melbourne

I look after Graduate recruitment for the Melbourne office, my main responsibilities include but are not limited to attending campus activity, working with student societies and university representatives, running in-house events and looking after the end to end recruitment process for those seeking opportunities in the Melbourne office.

03 8662 9488 or

Daniel Lacey, Graduate Recruitment — Sydney

I am the graduate recruiter for the Sydney office and Services Australia-wide. My role includes organising and attending careers events, presentations and networking events through to managing the interview and offer process. Originally from the UK, I have also worked for Accenture in Melbourne and London. Prior to this, I was a graduate and experienced hire recruiter within the investment banking sector in London.

02 9005 5390 or

Accenture Australia Graduates 
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Whether it's working with clients in the financial services sector, helping a global mining company in resources or providing digital advice for a client in the technology sector, everything we do is focused on improving performance and maximising opportunity.
Accenture Australia Graduates
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