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There are a number of ways you can evolve yourself with Accenture. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve finished university and looking to kickstart your career or still at school and seeking some real-world experience. We’ll have a programme for you.

School Leavers

At Accenture, we give you the opportunity to gain skills that won’t just help you get ahead in your career – they’ll help you get ahead at university, too. And importantly, you’ll still have the time and money to do all the other exciting things you wanted to do in your year off, like travel. With the exposure we give you to our business, you’ll learn a lot – and fast. More Info


Mission Control
We can't tell you too much about this, as it's top secret but one thing's for certain; it's an experience quite like no other and will give you a flavour of what it's like to work at Accenture. You’ll tackle immersive technological missions in a fast-paced environment, and discover if you've got what it takes to work at Accenture. Success at one of these events could mean we offer you a job. More Info
Summer Vacation Scheme
Consulting Industrial Placement
Technology Industrial Placement
Technology Future Leaders Programme


Consulting Programme
We have held the top consulting slot on the ‘Times Top 100 Graduate Employers’ ranking for the past ten years – and with good reason. Our Analyst Training Programme is specifically designed to make sure you get the right blend of intensive training and live project experience to prepare you for a long-term, successful career in consulting. In fact, you should be ready for your first promotion within two to three years. As well as working alongside talented colleagues, you’ll be introduced to programming and consulting methodologies, and may have the chance to train abroad, in either Chicago or Bangalore. More Info
Technology Programme
Teach First

Our Programmes 
Our Programmes
Our Programmes
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