Consulting Graduate Programme

Ready to evolve yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have invested heavily in our Consulting Graduate Programme to ensure it’s the best it can possibly be.

Make no mistake: it is a challenge. Expect early responsibility that will push you out of your comfort zone. However, you can always be sure of plenty of support as well as a robust training structure to ensure you’re up-to-speed on everything that you need to know.

To join our Consulting Graduate Programme, you’ll need to have or be predicted to receive a 2:1 or equivalent in any degree discipline and at least 340 UCAS points across your top three A-Levels (that's AAB or equivalent, achieved in the same academic year - not including general studies). You’ll also need to be passionate about technology and the innovation it can deliver.

We recruit throughout the year and fill roles on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early to avoid disappointment.

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Consulting Industrial Placement

What will I be doing?

We’ve developed a single entry route into Consulting at Accenture that will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, whilst giving you a breadth of exposure and experience across the business.

Within our Analyst Consulting Group (ACG), you will be aligned with either technology or management consulting from the outset. The decision as to which of these two routes you take will be made during the selection process, and will be based on where your talents lie and where the business need is greatest. Wherever you join, it’s an exceptional chance to build expert skills from the very start, and build a career at the forefront of business and technology transformation.

Every year, we have a few places within management consulting that are aligned to strategy. If you have an interest in strategy, you can express your preference in the interview process. We will assess any relevant experience and your performance during your interview. If we think you’re suitable, you’ll be invited to attend an additional interview.

Technology Consulting forms the biggest part of our Consulting business and this is where the majority of our Consulting graduates begin. From the phenomenal rise of social media to the emergence of cloud computing, technology is changing the way we live. It is also transforming the way businesses, governments and communities operate around the world. So it’s probably no surprise that our technology offerings comprise by far the biggest part of our Consulting business. We provide leading technology solutions in almost every industry on the planet – from Finance to Media, Energy to Retail – to help our clients stay one step ahead of the competition.

Management consulting is focused on helping clients address their business issues and exploit market opportunities. Like any successful solution, this isn’t simply about having great insights and ideas; the secret is putting them into practice.

If you join management consulting, the work you do will be varied. You could find yourself advising financial services organisations on how to manage risk; rolling out smart grid technology to the UK; transforming a supply chain to meet the changing needs of consumers today; or looking at how major businesses should manage their talent or improve their operations.

Role of an Analyst

Technology Consulting

As an Analyst within Technology Consulting, you’ll work with the latest technologies and big-name companies on projects that are driving the successes of those organisations. Here, you will be helping to transform business – and that could mean being involved in any or every part of the process.

You could be brainstorming with the client at the outset of a project, so that you learn how their business works before devising the right strategy. Equally you could be involved in designing, testing or launching the technology that will make the difference. This will give you both the practical experience of working across the full project lifecycle, and the satisfaction of seeing your ideas become a reality.

Technology is the bedrock to so much business success today, and you will be right at the centre of developments, learning the more technical elements of our work such as how to implement and deploy the world’s leading software packages, including SAP and Oracle. However, it’s not just about learning technical skills: the role involves analysing client processes, people and systems, before developing and delivering a solution that achieves the right result. You can expect to work alongside talented people, some who will be experts in different aspects of technology from strategy to infrastructure, and others who will give you a completely different perspective.

Management Consulting

Here at Accenture, we have a unique capability to turn theory into action, to make innovation an everyday reality. We do not simply make recommendations – we drive outcomes for our clients. If you join management consulting, the work you do will be varied. Your training will help you to develop the all-round skills to be a success, but it will be your experience that will really be the making of you. Working with leading organisations across various industries, you could be involved in issues and projects that are fundamental to the way businesses operate and succeed.

You will be operating in teams made up of experts and professionals from different areas of the business, with specialist skills and industry insights, in business, technology or operations. This is an exceptional opportunity to draw on their experience, to challenge yourself and to develop literally every day. Very quickly you will gain a clear picture of what it takes to succeed here, and very soon you will be helping to make things happen for clients.

There’s no limit to what you can get involved with as part of the Analyst Consulting Group – or where you could be doing it. You’ll need to be fully mobile as you’ll work on client projects that could be anywhere in the country – or even the world – though you will be aligned to a base at one of our main offices in London, Edinburgh, Manchester or Newcastle. Ultimately, an open mind to take advantage of all of the opportunities on offer is essential.

To find out more about the day-to-day role of an Analyst, read our blog to hear straight from our graduates.

Training & development

The progression of our people is fundamental to everything we do. We will invest in your development from day one because, frankly, what you know is what we have to sell. That’s why we invest around $400 million each year in training and development.

All Consulting graduates follow the Analyst Training Programme, starting with three weeks in London. You’ll receive intensive technical skills training which covers both programming and Accenture consulting methodologies. And, what’s more, this is generally followed by two or three weeks’ training which may take place in our international training centres, with Accenture Analysts from around the world. Depending on the nature of the work you’ll be doing, this could be industry, skills or technology focused. So in your first six months you’ll receive all the training you’ll need to succeed. From that point onwards, your development is both continuous and intense. But we need to be clear: all this training and support count for nothing if you’re not constantly pushing yourself to achieve that bit more.

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