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Opportunities in Malaysia

Accenture Malaysia is hiring SAP Professionals
Join Accenture – the #1 SAP implementation and innovation partner

Accenture’s people come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographical backgrounds. With more than 36,000 skilled SAP professionals worldwide, you’ll benefit from being part of a global community, exchanging ideas and experiences from working with leading organizations both within Malaysia and around the world.

Accenture has worked with SAP for more than 30 years, and is recognized as the premier provider of SAP solutions and services both locally and across the globe. SAP has recognized our commitment with a total of 23 SAP Pinnacle Awards – more than any other company since the awards were first presented in 2003. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Working with Accenture Malaysia, you can join ranks with more than 281,000 people in 120 countries and work with clients in nearly every major industry worldwide, including 91 of the Fortune Global 100, more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 and government agencies around the world.

Whether you're seeking the pinnacle of a technical specialization or a broader base of experience, Accenture can make it happen.

Talk to Accenture recruiters and discover how great you can be.

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SAP Careers

Join Accenture’s SAP team and you’ll have the opportunity to help lead high profile, innovative SAP programs for Malaysian industry leaders. You’ll be working at the forefront of an exciting, fast-moving business sector and be a part of one of the largest teams of SAP experts worldwide. You’ll be exposed to impressive SAP programs and given the chance to develop your career, achieve your full potential and make a difference. You’ll be extending your skills and working together with some of the world’s leading SAP experts to enable our clients to become high-performance businesses.

As you consider extending and growing your SAP career with Accenture Malaysia, here are a few reasons why we think you are making the right career choice.

You will have a new SAP technology experience.

  • Accenture has access to SAP products before they hit the market and is the leading organization to implement them. This means you are getting to work with the latest SAP technology.
  • Accenture builds leading-edge scenarios in dedicated Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP around the world, which support our teams in delivering innovative SAP projects. These global SAP Innovation Centres provide demonstrations of Business Analytics, Mobility, HANA, and Cloud at work and are linked to the Accenture Technology Labs around the world.
  • Accenture provides its SAP teams access to the world’s largest library of SAP templates, allowing you to achieve your full potential in your SAP career.

You will have a new client experience.

  • Accenture works for the top companies in ASEAN and around the world, including 92 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. This means that you get to expand your horizon by joining the most complex and international projects in the SAP space. 
  • Working at Accenture also provides you with business network growth opportunities by allowing you access to key decision makers through Accenture’s business network.

You will have a new career experience.

  • A dedicated career counselor / mentor will help you find the right career path within Accenture and allow for your career growth or expansion.
  • A fair and transparent performance review process ensures an objective rating each year.

You will have access to SAP career training.

  • We invest in our people – 52 hours of training per person per year:
  • Grow your technical skills. Take advantage of our access to SAP’s online Global Master Curriculum –we are the only service provider that has access to this training.
  • Develop your leadership skills with our Core Curriculum, where you will be able to learn and grow around skills to manage teams as well as work with client board members.

You will have a professional home within Accenture.

  • Connect with work colleagues at regular community meetings and make friends, growing your professional network of SAP professionals.
  • Get help from your dedicated career counselor to develop the business behaviors required for the next level.
  • Choice of career track. Follow our structured “up and up” career track to Managing Director. If you prefer to focus on technical and delivery expertise, join our Expert career track.

Ready to join our SAP team?

We are currently offering very attractive, market leading remuneration packages to experienced SAP professionals!

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Living and working in Malaysia

Malaysia is fast-emerging as one of the powerhouse economies of Asia. Over the past decade, it has transformed itself to become an industrially and technologically advanced country while maintaining its strong cultural character and identity. Today, it boasts robustly thriving multimedia, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries, among others.

Accenture in Malaysia is recognized as a leader in the local industry, having been the first management and information technology consultancy in the country to receive the Asian Management Award (in the Operations Management category) from the Asian Institute of Management. It won the National Excellence in Quality Practices Award in 1994, and received an Honorable Mention Award for Best Workplace Practices In 2007 at the first Prime Minister’s CSR Awards. In 2009 and 2012, Accenture was recognized as among the top 100 most-sought after employers in Malaysia.

If you are hired for one of our roles in Malaysia, we’ll assist you through the immigration and relocation process. Sound interesting?

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Q & A events

We will also be holding live online Q&A sessions in the very near future to give you the opportunity to ask us anything you want to know about the roles, working with us in Malaysia, or moving to and living in Malaysia. Join us on LinkedIn and stay connected for updates on job opportunities, news, and upcoming events.

Apply for our SAP roles

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Join Accenture – the #1 SAP implementation and innovation partner
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