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Accenture Careers for Military Professionals

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Military professionals are known for their strong work ethic, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to succeed in a challenging environment, exemplifying many of the same core values we live at Accenture. The lessons learned as military men and women are very transferable to the work we do. Leadership, discipline, organization, teamwork, and doing what it takes to get the job done are some of the areas in which military experience directly applies to our work.

Follow our Accenture Military Community blog to see how you could apply your military background in a rewarding civilian career. 

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Career Options

As a global consulting, outsourcing and technology company, Accenture offers a wide range of interesting opportunities for military personnel interested in pursuing a new career. In particular, our Health & Public Service group places a premium on individuals with security clearances and experience operating in the government environment. However, many military professionals choose to apply their functional skills, such as logistics, cyber security, or accounting, to work with clients across industries.

To help you navigate our career options, we’ve created a general Military Job Posting where you can apply directly to our Military Recruiting Lead. From there, we’ll work to align your relevant work experience to the right discipline area within Accenture.

Student Veterans

Regardless of what stage of your studies you are in, Accenture wants to get to know you, so that we can inform you of internship and full time hire opportunities! Join our Student Veterans Network to stay connected.

Learn more about Accenture Careers for Veterans.

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Skill Transition

Through your military career experience it is likely that you have lived and worked abroad, developing a keen perspective of the global economy and gaining direct experience working across borders. This international experience translates well to Accenture, as many of our career paths involve working on global teams with international clients.

One of the other most valuable skills you can transfer to Accenture is leadership. In the military, leadership qualities are developed through a progressive and sequential series of carefully planned training, educational, and experiential events—a rigor similar to our own leadership development program. Whether you will lead a small group of technology professionals or an international team working in several geographies, you’ll have a chance to put your leadership skills to work at Accenture.

Follow our Accenture Military Community blog to see how you could apply your military background in a rewarding civilian career.

Career Coach

Military Career Coach    Get in shape for your career search and transition to civilian life with help from Accenture.

Accenture Military Career Coach will provide advice on:

  • Career Planning
  • Networking
  • Online Branding
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Search
  • Interviewing
  • Etiquette & Attire



Veteran Support

Accenture is committed to supporting veterans’ transition from military to civilian work by providing skills translation, resume and interview coaching and training opportunities to improve access to careers at Accenture or other companies. Through our Skills to Succeed focus, Accenture is partnering with organizations such as American Corporate Partners and Boots to Business. For example, more than 100 Accenture executives are serving as mentors to former & transitioning military members, in addition to funding we are providing to American Corporate Partners.

We are proud to have been recognized by President Obama for our efforts to help military veterans re-enter the workforce.

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