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2013 Accenture Women's Networking Forum

Accenture believes that attracting, retaining and promoting women is critical to the success of our company. That's why we host the Accenture Women's Networking Forum, a webcast for female undergraduates in the United States and Canada.

By ‘Defining success. Your way.’ you can position yourself for a challenging and rewarding career that offers growth and opportunity.

On Friday, April 12, we hosted a live, 60-minute webcast featuring Accenture women at various stages in their careers. During the webcast we discussed:

•   Ways you can consider to define your own success  
•   How to define success through personal branding, and  
•   How to use your mentoring relationships to help you define success 

Attendee feedback
Here are a few comments from this year's live webcast event attendees:

"Really good advice was given, you could tell the speakers were really interested in helping and answering our questions." 
"I enjoyed hearing from ambitious women like myself! All of their advice was wonderful and motivating. Very worth listening to!"
"The online platform is great! I enjoyed listening to the diverse experiences of women at Accenture. The presentation of these experiences within three main topics (defining success, mentorship and personal brand) was highly informative and professional, yet very personal at the same time."
"Thank you for all the advice. There are some things that are not taught in classrooms. I plan to work on myself using all that I learnt here today."
"I would love to join this event again. Thank you so much." 
"...It is great to see that the company is genuinely interested in the success of women."

Webcast Information
Webcast features:

•   Ability to create a personalized experience – customize screen components to meet personal preferences 
•   Selection of social media widgets and chat windows to use during webcast to interact and ask questions 

Learn more about Accenture
Explore our website to learn about career opportunities at Accenture. You can also learn about our unique women's initiatives that support our women in their career development and progression.

Accenture Women's Networking Forum 
Accenture Women's Networking Forum
Accenture Women's Networking Forum
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